Get Professional Results When You Paint Your Home’s Interior

Rather than call painting contractors, you may decide to paint your bedroom or kitchen yourself. While you can certainly take on this type of project without much experience, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the practices of experienced contractors. In addition to investing in professional supplies, such as blue painters tape, there are steps you can take to get better results.

Paint in Dry Weather

On days when the humidity is high or it’s raining heavily, you’ll experience problems with getting the paint to dry faster. As it dried slower, paint has a tendency to run and leave trails that affect the look of the dried paint. If you do paint in humid weather, use the slower drying time by looking for drips that can be fixed before applying an additional coat.

Paint a Clean Surface

You should take the time to prepare the walls. This will include peeling away loose paint and using a scraper to strip off any paint that may be in danger of becoming loose. You should also sand the surface afterward to ensure there won’t be additional chipping or peeling. If you don’t take the time to do this, the fresh coat will pull at loose paint and cause peeling.

Don’t Skimp on Supplies

The brushes, rollers, and blue painter’s tape you buy should be of the highest quality. Cheaper tools and supplies will leave you with subpar results. In many cases, the need for multiple coats is a direct result of having used inferior products. Poor quality rollers and brushes can leave untouched areas and uneven coats. Additionally, a poor quality tape will allow the paint to seep beneath it to cause dripping onto baseboards and window frames.