When to Use a Foam Roller for Painting

If you’re planning any new painting chores around the house now that the weather has cooled down, you might be thinking about what kind of rollers to use. You have the option of using nap rollers or foam rollers when painting walls. However, the sort of roller you need will be determined by the paint job you wish to do.

Foam paint rollers are ideal for specific sorts of painting projects and, because they are less expensive than nap rollers, are a cost-effective option to get the job done. Here is a closer look at when to use a foam roller for painting.

Painting Smooth Surfaces

There are occasions when you can get away with using foam rollers, and it won’t harm the quality of the paint job, depending on your various painting chores around the house. Of course, you’ll still need to invest in high-quality paint rollers if you want a professional-looking paint job. Foam rollers may be used to paint smooth interior walls at any time. Many painters use a foam roller paint brush on the interior walls when painting a house.

Painting Large Areas

When painting large areas that do not require oil-based paints or areas that are not an outside wall, a foam roller for painting is an ideal choice. Compared to a nap roller, foam rollers are more absorbent and can grab a larger amount of paint. If your roller has a lot of paint on it, you’ll be able to cover a greater area more rapidly.