Important Reasons to Hire Contractors for HVAC Maintenance in Tumwater, WA

You count on your home’s heating and air conditioning to work like normal throughout the year. These systems are critical for keeping your home warm in the winter and cool during the hottest months of summer.

However, as important as your heating and air conditioning are, they are not designed to last forever. You can make them last for as long as possible by hiring a contractor for routine HVAC maintenance in Tumwater, WA.

Refilling the Freon

One of the primary tasks that your contractor in HVAC maintenance in Tumwater, WA, can take care of you for involves refilling the Freon in the unit. After using your air conditioner all summer long, the Freon can quickly deplete. By the end of summer, the reservoir that contains this coolant can be almost or completely empty.

It is against the law for private citizens to handle Freon for home air conditioners, however. You need to hire a professional contractor to refill it for you. Before you turn the AC back on after the long winter, you can have the contractor check the Freon level and top off the reservoir so the AC unit can work as expected all summer long.

Changing Filters

Your contractor can also change out filters in the heater to ensure that your vents blow fully during the winter. You avoid having cold spots in your home. You get even heat and use less energy with clean filters.

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