Three Mistakes That People Make When They Trim Their Own Trees

If you’re looking for help with tree pruning in Decatur, GA, or looking for someone to come and trim your trees, you understand how important it is to take care of your trees. Tree trimming involves carefully cutting away parts of a tree in order to keep it healthy. Tree trimming is so important that people often turn to professionals to handle the entire process for them. Following are three mistakes that people often make when trimming their trees themselves.

They Choose the Wrong Time to Trim
You need to trim your trees at the right time of year for the breed. For instance, if you trim a tree when it’s in the middle of its sap-producing period, you could be inviting insects to feast on the sap, ultimately destroying the tree. Trimming at the wrong time could also affect a tree’s ability to blossom or produce fruit.

Dirty Tools
If you don’t wipe off your shears in between uses, they can become covered with bacteria and fungi. When you trim your trees with these shears, you’re transferring these elements to the tree, putting it in danger. Cleanse your shears carefully in between uses so that your trees remain safe.

Dull Tools
If you use dull shears to trim your trees, you won’t be able to cut through branches properly. You’ll end up hurting them instead, making it difficult for them to heal and thrive. Sharpen your tools carefully so that you always get clean cuts.

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