Miraculous Survivor Stories From Auschwitz to New York City, NY

Millions of Jews lost their lives in the Holocaust. Millions more survived. Those that lived to tell the tale make sure that everyone knows exactly what happened at these prison camps and death camps like Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and Buchenwald. The worst of these was purportedly Auschwitz, and any Auschwitz survivor will tell you that it is the terrible truth. Many an Auschwitz survivor has his or her own unique but similar tale to tell about the horrors performed at this camp. Some have even penned Auschwitz survivor books. One survivor in particular, Siggi Wilzig, has his own Auschwitz survivor books. Here’s what you should know about his life.

Survived the Camps and Came to America

Not surprisingly, the first thing many Jews wanted to do when they were freed from the horrors of the German camps was to get as far away from the camps as they could. For some like Siggi, that meant coming to the United States. He and many others came here looking to start a new and better life. Many of them found that better life.

Siggi Wilzig, Jewish Cinderella Story

Mr. Wilzig’s story is a horrifying one, but it ends in a way that is very gratifying and even a little tear-jerking. He was able to come to New York City, where so many immigrants have arrived, and become a very wealthy man. You can learn more about Mr. Wilzig and his amazing life by checking out the book or going to Unstoppable at https://unstoppablesiggi.com.