How Land Surveyors in Lamar County, GA, Determine Flooding Risks

West-central Georgia is a beautiful area to settle and build a home, but it does see its fair share of rain throughout the year. This means some areas might experience flooding from time to time. People interested in buying an existing home or building a new home need to know if the property is in a floodplain. Land Surveyors In Lamar County, GA, have the tools and expertise to provide this valuable information.

Why Knowing Flood Risks Matter?

Even a small amount of flooding can have serious effects on a property’s structural integrity, not to mention that clean-up is expensive. Also, some lenders and insurers won’t work with these kinds of properties. In many instances, property owners will need to invest in flood prevention and secure additional flood insurance. These reasons alone are why people need to have their property evaluated for its flooding potential.

How Flood Risk Is Determined

Land surveyors have a lot of equipment at their disposal that they use to make an accurate determination. Using their years of expertise and tools such as a robotic total station, advanced GPS systems, and 3D scanners, they’re able to determine the risk for any property. Based on their findings, they might suggest a direction change for the building site to make it less prone to flooding.

Good deals on property in floodplains can be had, but potential buyers should always go into the deal with their eyes wide open. Do this by hiring a land surveyor in Lamar County, GA. Contact Terra Services Co., LLC online at to learn more about their services.