What You Might be Able to Expect During Physical Therapy in Lancaster

Not being able to properly move your joints or other areas of your body can impact everyday aspects of your life. One way that you can gain some of your mobility back is by going to physical therapy. Here are some ways that you can prepare for your visit.


When you go to your first appointment for physical therapy in Lancaster, you’ll usually need to complete various documents pertaining to why you’re seeking therapy and your insurance coverage. You’ll usually meet with a therapist who will document the goals that you have and some of the ways that you can meet those goals. Make sure you document any symptoms that you have during your first visit and any new symptoms that you experience while you’re in therapy.


The first visit will usually consist of an examination so that your therapist can get a better understanding of your range of motion and what needs to be addressed. While at physical therapy in Lancaster, you could be introduced to some of the equipment available for exercising so that you can see what you can use and what you might want to avoid.

Home Care

Your therapist could talk to you about any care that you might need at home or any special equipment that you might need while you’re strengthening your muscles and joints or enhancing your mobility. Sometimes, a therapist can visit you at home so that you have additional support and motivation aside from only visiting an office or hospital.

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