It may be surprising for many people in Greenville, SC, to find out just how much longer people are living today than even a few decades earlier. In the 1950s, the average life expectancy in the United States was about 68, while today, the life expectancy is about 79 years.

Another interesting fact is that in Greenville, SC, as well as across the state, the average age of retirement is 63, and people will need just over $53,000 per year post-retirement to live comfortably, based on a typical household.

Planning with Matt Dixon

One of the many services that Matt Dixon provides is helping people to plan for a comfortable retirement. With people living longer, this is an increasingly important factor to consider during your working years. The earlier an individual or couple starts saving, the greater the potential for investing and tax savings to help them reach their goals.

The first step in any retirement planning service is to clearly develop the goals for the individual or couple. This may include international travel, buying a winter or a summer home, or spending time with kids and grandkids. Some early retirees may also want to start a business or a second career, which may require capital and a cushion to have the overhead covered before the business starts generating revenue.

As a Registered Financial Consultant, Matt Dixon has the ability to help individuals to create this clear vision for their future. Once the vision is in place, it is time to start choosing investments to build the fund you need.