Tips For Setting Retirement Goals

It is very common for younger people in and around Greenville, SC, to put off planning for retirement. However, planning early for retirement eliminates concerns about having enough money to retire with comfort while having the funds to live your best life.

Matt Dixon, a registered financial consultant in Greenville, SC, works with individuals and couples of all ages and stages of life. Planning in advance for retirement goals can occur at any time, with an annual review of the plan to accommodate for changes in what you want to do.

Identify Your Goals

According to Matt Dixon, an overlooked issue in do-it-yourself retirement planning is the actual identification and fleshing out of the retirement goals. If you do not clearly identify what you want to do, it is impossible to know how much you need to save to have that ability.

This does not mean the retirement goals you set at 30 or 40 will never change. In fact, working with Matt Dixon allows you to change those goals over time and still have the funding you need.

Recognize Your Long-Term Needs

If you want to retire early, travel the world, move to a luxury community, or contribute to philanthropic causes, having the financial ability to do so in retirement is critical.

It is also important to consider your long-term financial needs as part of daily living. Medical and health issues should be discussed, as the cost of assisted living and medical issues tend to increase over time. Planning in advance for these issues gives you and your family peace of mind.