Repair or Replace: What’s the Best Solution for Your Ann Arbor MI Roof?

There are times when a residential roof is in such poor shape that it doesn’t take a roofing contractor Ann Arbor MI to know that it’s time for a replacement. In other instances, you do need a professional to inspect the roof and make recommendations about repairs or replacements. As you and the contractor sit down to have the discussion, feel free to ask these two questions. The responses will help you understand what needs to be done and why the recommendation would be best for your home.

Would a Spot Repair Resolve the Problem?

Assuming that the roofing contractor Ann Arbor MI finds that the roof is in generally good condition, a simple spot repair may be all that’s required. This is often the case when the damage is well contained and the repair is likely to prevent the same problem from arising over the next few years.

If a spot repair is not practical, the contractor from Diversified Roofing is likely to recommend a new roof. In the long run, the replacement would likely cost less than the expense of having to make a series of repairs to the existing roof over the next several years.

How Much Damage did the Leak Do?

Your call to the roofing contractor in Ann Arbor, MI was promoted by a leak that let quite a bit of water into the attic. While a repair to the roof and drying out the attic may be enough, that’s not always the case. Depending on how much water seepage occurred under the roofing materials, there could be significant damage to the roof frame. In this scenario, redoing the entire roof system would be safer and provide better protection.

If you’re having a problem with the roof, there’s no need to wonder how to remedy the issue. A contractor can inspect the roof and the support system underneath. Once the inspection is complete, it will be easy to determine what sort of resolution is needed.