Three Reasons Why a Root Canal Treatment Salem OR Might Be Recommended

Even if you care for your teeth religiously, things can still develop under the surface away from your toothbrush, floss and mouthwash. This is why your dentist uses X-rays. An X-ray gives him the opportunity to see inside your teeth and along your gum-line. This visual representation helps him determine if you are a candidate for a root canal.

Here are three reasons why a root canal treatment in Salem, OR, might be recommended to you by your dentist, or learn more.

Fillings are no Longer Enough

One reason some dental patients end up undergoing a root canal procedure is that fillings for cavities are no longer sufficient. Once your dentist begins to reach the pulp of the affected tooth, he can no longer simply fill the portion that was scraped away. It is time to consider a crown. If the infection is really bad, your dentist will aim to save what remains of the tooth.

You Have Pain

If you have pain in a particular tooth, you may be a candidate for a root canal. Candidates for this procedure do not always feel pain. This is why your dentist inspects your teeth visually and through X-rays.

The Tooth Can Still be Saved

A tooth that can no longer be saved by just filling in a cavity can still be saved through a root canal. It is in your best interest to retain as many of your teeth as possible.