Save Money While Using Your AC This Year

No one enjoys paying for AC repair in Austin, TX, but by using some smart, money- and energy-saving techniques, it’s possible to keep your AC units in good shape longer, ultimately saving you time and money. Here are some tried and true strategies to help you, indoors and out.

Keep Your Cool

Once you’ve gotten your home to a comfortable temperature with the air conditioner, maintain it. By keeping window shades, drapes, and blinds drawn, you can block some of the strong sunlight that would otherwise warm the home. In addition, use interior doors to maintain cool spaces while reducing the inefficiency of cooling unoccupied rooms. The same goes for AC registers; make sure they’re open in rooms you want to cool, and closed in rooms you don’t. Run major appliances outside of the hottest part of the day to avoid making your AC work harder; this includes the washer and dryer, oven, and dishwasher. For better year-round comfort, get a programmable or smart home thermostat.

The Great Outdoors

It might not be obvious, but there are several things you can do outside your home, too, to keep the inside feeling comfortable. Keep area around your outside AC unit free of brush, branches, vines, bushes, and other vegetation. Check for insects or other pests that could interfere with the AC unit’s operation. Keep the base of the unit clean and clear of debris; check after storms, especially. Falling tree branches can cause significant harm. Note any damage to the AC unit and promptly arrange for AC repairs in Austin, TX. Also, have your AC unit serviced regularly. A well-operating unit running at peak performance is more cost-effective. It’s a lot easier to fix problems when they’re small.

While AC repair in Austin, TX, may seem costly, there are definitely small steps that homeowners can take to keep their AC unit in optimum operating condition, saving money in the long run. These are simple actions taken indoors and outdoors.

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