Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Boiler Healthy

Every company in the Everett area needs a good HVAC repair and maintenance program. If your business relies on steam heat, it is vital to keep your boiler system in good condition. Gas, oil, and hybrid boilers need different maintenance and here are some good things to know about maintaining them.


Boilers need proper ventilation for maximum efficiency. It is important to check flue pipes often, so soot or debris does not accumulate. If enough debris accumulates it could block the vent pipe. If you have screens on your vents, someone needs to check them periodically on the roof.

Check Water

How often does someone check the boiler’s water level? It should remain constant, but if you leak into the system, you could have dangerously low levels of water. Lack of water can cause pressure to build up, and this could damage components or create a hazard. It does not take long to check water, and it could save you a lot of problems.

Hard Water Deposits

Many boilers develop problems from scale buildup. If minerals are allowed to build up inside it can decrease your boiler’s efficiency. Part of your HVAC repair and maintenance program in Everett should include regular boiler tank cleanings.


All moving parts need regular lubrication. This includes pumps and fans. Do not wait until these parts are making noise or malfunctioning.

Boiler Room Cleanings

Does the boiler room get cleaned regularly? It does not take long for dust, dirt, and debris to accumulate. When this happens, it can cover fans and fan motors. This not only decreases their efficiency and can shorten their lives. For best results, contact HVAC repair and maintenance specialists serving the Portland and Everett areas. Companies like MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions offer a wide range of preventive and new installation services.