Superior and Efficient WEG Electric Motors from Distributors in Texas

According to efficiency standards in the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, AC motor performance requirements have since increased. A high-efficiency and durable replacement for less-efficient older motors will help equipment last longer and run cooler and at lower operating costs.

The Advantages of WEG Electric Motors in Texas

About 65 percent of industrial-application energy use goes to motor drives. Durable and quality motor units from WEG Electric Motors distributors in Texas, made with superior engineering for rotating equipment and industrial processes, will provide quality and durable solutions.

Durable WEG motors in Texas include a range of designs, from hazardous-duty and explosion-proof NEMA Premium motors to rolled-steel-framed fractional horsepower assemblies with valuable ROI. Specialized units from WEG electric motors distributors in Texas also include cast-iron or aluminum True-Metric motors, crusher duty units, cooling tower and farm duty motors and extreme axial thrust-mitigating designs.

WEG motors in Texas are made according to modern mechanical, thermal and electrical analysis and extensive testing to meet the highest industrial market standards for tech. The result is an innovative and flexible, NEMA and IEC-compliant workhorse.

Industrial Motor Specialists

Distributors of WEG electric motors in Texas can provide AC motors suitable for petroleum production and upstream, aggregate, mining, paper and pulp, petrochemical and handling conveyors. Accessories, including brakes, blowers, soft starters and variable-frequency drives are also available.

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