Valves by Kitz Meeting Industry Demands in North America and the Caribbean

Many industries, including construction, energy and telecom, have come to rely on valves by Kitz for their durability and the features they provide for applications across industry. These designs, including multi-port and two-way ball valves, meet the needs of both specialized and general applications.

Staying at the Forefront

Kitz valves are always in a process of continual improvement and upgrades. This process of consistent development has made them a particularly user-friendly solution as well. Kitz exemplifies the concept of customer focus, and the company constantly strives to add new features to what is now regarded as a line of industry-critical applications and systems.

Custom features also add value and give a competitive advantage across multiple industries. Kitz never leaves its standard line as is but instead keeps it at the leading edge with such features as easy installation, low-maintenance designs and extended life cycles.

Options for Multiple Industries

Many Kitz valves are useful throughout industry/ However, the most adopted are general-use and multi-purpose valve types. Knowing which ones will meet specific requirements in terms of size and pressure and temperature ranges requires some knowledge and industry background in the options available.