Support Small Businesses and Spoil Your Dog at the Same Time

Nothing can possibly be better than opening your door to an adorable little face and a thumping tail against a wall. Our pooches bring such joy and light into our lives that it’s hard not to shower them in love and gifts at every opportunity. However, we are not here for that kind of negativity – for all the delight your dog brings you, you absolutely should spoil them! So be the reason your dog, also, has a great day by adding a dog toy box to your monthly budget.

Dog toys get saturated in drool and dirt and are often ripped to shreds so it’s always a good idea to reassess your dog toy box at home and see what could be tossed. Having a monthly shipment from Pooch Perks would save you from doing that extra stocking afterward!

Pooch Perks is a service that sends you a box of handpicked quality toys and treats straight to your front door. They allow you to tailor your box based on the size of your dog, and anything specific you definitely want or don’t want inside of it. They even have multiple shipping options that are flexible to your needs, so no need to worry about having to lock into a long-term subscription if you don’t want to. Not only that, but they also partner with small businesses and also try to be eco-friendly whenever possible. Make your dogs day with Pooch Perks, where you know they are doing right by people, the planet, and the dogs.