The World of Vintage Ford Car Parts – Benefits of a 12-Volt Upgrade

When you plan to restore a classic Ford built before 1956, you may need a lot of vintage Ford car parts, and you might have to deal with a six-volt electrical system. If you want your car completely original, you need to keep your six-volt system intact (if the previous owner did not change it). However, you receive a lot of benefits when you go with a modern twelve-volt system and here are some reasons why.

Why Did They Change to 12-Volts?

In the mid-1950s, cars were coming out with more powerful engines. They also had accessories like power windows, power seats, and air conditioning. Cars need more power to run all these things, and a six-volt system could not get the job done. This is why they changed to the more powerful twelve-volt electrical systems.

Parts Availability

You may notice many vintage Ford car parts are manufactured for 12-volt systems. For example, if you check out a trusted online source like Concours Parts & Accessories, you may see some great looking AM/FM radios which perfectly fit into your classic Ford. They are made for 12-volt systems because most people make this change when they restore their classic Fords.

Better Lighting

You can get brighter and longer lasting lighting with 12-volt systems. For example, it is easier to see at night with stronger headlights. Inside lights are brighter and give you a better night time driving experience.

More Starting Power

When you install vintage Ford car parts like a 12-volt starter, it is easier to turn the motor over. This gives you greater starting power so you may not have problems associated with hard starting, especially when the temperature drops outside. This is important if you plan to drive your car frequently.