What Elevator Services in Washington DC Accomplish for Riders and Building Owners

Many people use elevators so frequently they don’t think twice anymore about the complexity of the equipment and how different the world would be without it. They take the machinery for granted until one day they step into the office building or other structure and find that the elevator they normally use is out of order. The building owners have called professional Elevator Services in Washington DC to arrive as soon as possible and repair the problem.

A Noteworthy Fascination

Not everyone takes elevators for granted, though. One man who admits to being obsessed with the machinery since childhood has posted hundreds of videos online featuring this equipment. From historic freight elevators to modern equipment, the videos are shot while this individual rides the elevators and describes what’s going on.

Types of Structures

Elevators allow people to reach the upper floors of the most impressive buildings in the world as well as structures that could be considered more ordinary. Various towers and big-city skyscrapers with more than 100 stories are awe-inspiring, true. But elevators also carry riders in college residential halls, five-story hotels, corporate headquarters, courthouses, train stations and a remarkable array of other settings. They are even required for two-story commercial and institutional buildings so that people who cannot climb stairs have a way to reach the upper floor.

Infrequent Breakdowns

People who have been using elevators every day, or nearly so, for a long time have probably noticed that breakdowns are much less common now than was previously the case. Manufacturers continually work to improve the equipment, and building owners have learned how important routine maintenance from professional Elevator Services in Washington DC is. Residents, employees, customers, guests and visitors get impatient when they have to go out of their way to use an elevator or to climb up several flights of stairs.


The earliest commercial passenger elevators could only move about 40 ft. a minute, not quite half a mile per hour. Now, the average elevator speed is about 5 to 10 miles per hour, and many operate at 20 mph. The equipment is serviced by a company such as Elevator Technologies Inc. Interested individuals may browse the website of this particular company.