Tips For Businesses In New Jersey To Limit The Need For Data Recovery Services

Data is the driver of all types of businesses all around the world. Today, there are very few companies in New Jersey that don’t rely on data for order processing, sales, transactions, data sharing and general business management processes.

When a hard drive, server or RAID array fails, a business is not able to access necessary data. This means downtime that is unproductive and not generating revenue. To avoid a hard drive failure that will lead to the need for data recovery services and private computer owners should ensure the following:

  • Maintain the hard drive as recommended – computer hard drives have to be properly maintained. Defragging is a common utility that can help to extend the life of the hard drive with routine, scheduled runs.
  • Proactively monitor server and RAID array performance – servers and RAID arrays, as well as other types of storage options on the system, should be proactively monitored. Any glitches or performance issues should be addressed immediately to prevent a crash or data loss.
  • Discontinue use immediately – if there are issues with internal hard drives, servers or RAID arrays, it is important to prevent any additional use of the system. Redundant systems should be in place to allow for a rapid transfer to an effective, working system until data recovery on the problematic system can be completed.

Work With Professionals

While business in New Jersey may have an in-house IT team or a contracted management service, using a specialized company in data recovery is the best possible option.

These experts may be able to provide remote recovery services, depending on the specific issue causing the data problem, or they may offer 24/7 emergency in-lab services. A few of the top companies also provide on-premise services, which can be essential for server and RAID array issues.