What To Look For In A Metal Driveway Gate

Metal driveway gates help assure that you will have privacy and security on your property. Metal gates are perfect for any property and can be customized to match your business or home needs.

Types of Gates

Metal gates can be made from many different materials including aluminum, iron, and stainless steel. Each has it’s own set of unique benefits that we’ll briefly review:

Aluminum – great for anyone looking for a low maintenance cost efficient solution. It’s naturally a very strong material and is often powder coated for extra protection. This material is not susceptible to damage from the elements and only requires occasional washes to maintain it’s strength and beauty.

Iron – this is one of the most commonly used materials on the market. It is extremely strong and resistant to force or impact. This material is great for anyone who needs a heavy-duty gate and would work well for construction sites or anywhere that’s expected to have heavy traffic by trucks. The only downside of this material is that it’s very prone to rusting if regular maintenance is not preformed regularly.

Stainless Steel – this material also corrosive resistant, it’s naturally water resistant, so rain or humidity won’t be factor. It does not require regular maintenance, however it’s often the most expensive material of the three mentioned.

Another thing to consider before deciding the material you want to use for your metal driveway gate is the overall design and aesthetic you want to create. Aluminum and steel are much more customizable that iron.

Functionality of your Gate

These gates are easily built to match your properties needs, you can install a swing or slid gate depending on the width of your driveway. If you’re driveway is at an angle, an experienced team will know exactly what to do to make sure you gate opens properly without scraping and damaging the gate and your driveway. You can easily upgrade your gate with solar panels, security lights, and keyless entry.

Contact for Information About Your Security

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